Richard Wright - Broken China

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Re: Richard Wright - Broken China

Post by twcc »

I didn't know that, a lo-res EPK is available somewhere ... plus the text of part of the press pack is in Storm's book where he talks about the original image was offered to 10-cc with the diver and circle looking more like a 10. The Richard Wright concept for the album was four stages of life/depression and picking up the pieces or putting a broken person back together.
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Re: Richard Wright - Broken China

Post by ZiggyZipgun »

Annoying Twit wrote: Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:34 pm I've never been much impressed by this apart from 'Breakthrough'. However, I heard a few songs recently and want to re-evaluate it. Problem is: I don't know where my copy is and it's not on Spotify :)

I'm not surprised that I like this album as much as I do; I'm surprised that Gilmour didn't employ Anthony Moore more often, considering the number of other songwriters that he spent time with leading up to Momentary Lapse. Moore ultimately co-wrote three songs on that album, one on the next, and..."Calling" from Endless River, which is odd because not only is it an instrumental, but it also appeared on the soundtrack to Arthur C. Clarke's The Colours of Infinity in 1995, which was credited solely to Gilmour. Moore also wrote the music for (the instrumental) "Runaway" and "Woman of Custom"; Millie Wright's therapist wrote the lyrics for "Hidden Fear" and "Blue Room in Venice".

Of the whole album, I think "Reaching for the Rail" is the closest to classic Pink Floyd - the whole third section of the album, really, but "Far From the Harbour Wall" is a bit of a departure lyrically, and Manu Katché fits in more drum fills than Nick Mason's whole career. Leave it to Rick to be disappointed that they'd stopped making proper concept albums, and effectively say, " this!"
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Re: Richard Wright - Broken China

Post by rockfenris2005 »

I really need to hear it a second time. I can't really remember much of it from first listen, but I always remember how moody and atmospheric it was.