Broken China Tour

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space triangle
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Broken China Tour

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I have listened to Broken China several times in recent days. And, “drafsack“ thread 'The Final cut Tour' gave me an idea for this thread. :D

So, what would Rick Wright's world tour 1996/1997 look like?

1. set - Broken China the whole album

2. set - Mediterranean C. Against the Odds, Cat Cruise, Holiday, Pink's Song, Confusion, Voices, Cuts Like a Diamond, Paintbox, Remember A Day, See Saw, Summer 68


Great Gig In The Sky

It would be a great show, imo. \:D/
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Re: Broken China Tour

Post by moodyblue »

Never did one single solo show and probably never would have.
Interesting set list idea though.
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Re: Broken China Tour

Post by ZiggyZipgun »

ZiggyZipgun wrote: Fri Dec 11, 2020 12:55 pm These guys all played on Broken China (and Pino's wife even sang backup):

Given Rick's love of jazz, his confessed embarrassment regarding his early Floyd tunes, and his reference to Zee's Identity as an "experimental mistake", I don't think he would've felt compelled to showcase his entire career, but would rather have taken the opportunity to indulge with the top-notch musicians he was able to bring together for Broken China. Smaller venues, like the On An Island tour. The whole of the album, naturally, but in between it's four sections he might add a few instrumentals from Wet Dream, albeit with a lot of improvisation. He'd been singing "Astronomy Domine" on the Division Bell tour, even though he admitted that he didn't like to, so I could see him including something like "Remember a Day" instead, especially in the first set following the section that deals with childhood. "The Great Gig in the Sky" would be a show-stopper, but it might be too dark to close the show with, so it could lead into the final section of Broken China; if Sinead O'Connor didn't want take a crack at it - and she might - he could easily get Clare Torry onboard since they had re-recorded part of it together a few years earlier for a prescription drug commercial.

And now, a setlist that doesn't necessarily follow what I just said:

Set 1
1. Breaking Water
2. Mediterranean C
3. Night of a Thousand Furry Toys
4. Remember a Day
5. Hidden Fear
6. Runaway
7. Paintbox
8. Unfair Ground
9. Satellite
10. Woman of Custom
11. Time
12. Far From the Harbour Wall
13. Reaching for the Rail
14. The Great Gig in the Sky

Set 2
1. Marooned
2. Against the Odds
3. Waves
4. Blue Room in Venice
5. Sweet July
6. Along the Shoreline
7. Breakthrough
8. Mudmen
9. Stay
10. Summer '68
11. Dominoes
12. Cat Cruise
13. Wearing the Inside Out
14. Drop In From the Top
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Re: Broken China Tour

Post by Luca »

space triangle wrote: Wed Apr 22, 2020 3:25 pm I have listened to Broken China several times in recent days. And, “drafsack“ thread 'The Final cut Tour' gave me an idea for this thread. :D

So, what would Rick Wright's world tour 1996/1997 look like?
1996/1997... too early in the internet age. Three or four years later a small tour would have been quite successfull, but Waters' aggressive touring since 1999 would have put forward again the "which one's pink" question. Moreover, the budget-wise Wright wasn't probably too eager to invest a large sum of money in a never attempted before solo tour.
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Re: Broken China Tour

Post by theaussiefloydian »

All this is reminding me that I would have loved to hear a version of Broken China with David Gilmour playing for him. A David + Rick double act tour would have been sensational - and yes I am aware that happened with On an Island, but wouldn't it have been neat for them to get equal billing for a tour and for Rick to play some of his stuff?
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Re: Broken China Tour

Post by layne1 »

I'm pretty sure I read that, had Broken China been a massive success, that the tour/live shows would be extremely theatrical and would've been extended to last an hour and a half
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Re: Broken China Tour

Post by Eclipse »

wow, neat ideas for set lists! I'm a big fan rick's solo albums. So sad we won't have any more magical music from him : - (