Final prices are in for Syd's belongings

All discussion related to Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett.
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jambo wrote:Nice spredsheet, thanks Keith :D
I plan on doing some analysis tomorrow instead of working... in work!! :lol:

From CEN....

Mr Millard said it was an evening with a difference.

He said: "It does not get any more unusual than this.

"You cannot apply logic to the prices - it is a very personal thing. If these things belonged to you or I they would not have had that value.

"We've had bids from all over the world. It was great fun."
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The artworks were a bargain. They will easily be worth 10 times as much in a few years.
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thrill-seeker wrote:What a way to WASTE money :smt082
What good or joy could those things bring to your life ?
Anyway, that and all the other things shouldn't even be worth that much - after all he was just an ordinary guy like most people who paid these prices will insist that he was.

He was just an ordinary guy, just like your next door neighbour. Would you pay ?1300 for Two A5 spiral notebooks from your next door neighbour?
Jeepers im sure my next door neighbour isnt a musical legend , bugger , im going to knock on his door now and ask :roll:
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fatoldbob wrote:The artworks were a bargain. They will easily be worth 10 times as much in a few years.
I agree the Artwork is a steal.The rest is junk that happened to be in the house and is obviously not all syds stuff but rather his mothers that Syd may or may not have painted or fucked up.The kids curtains for 600 quid are a joke ,you would have to be insane to bid that high and they thought syd was crazy.I'm surprised the Guitar didn't fetch more though ,But there's no proof he even touched it so.............