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Do you like the artwork of Syd Barrett?

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nosaj wrote: I love's funny, at a museum in Germany I was able to just walk on top of the blackboards, and NASCAD had some laying around their floor from a lecture he gave in the 70's, but when they were donated to the AGO a number of years ago, they ended up behind glass!! Not really in his spirit at all...
But you know what has happened to his "Fettecke". So they probably wanted to save these priceless objects from vicious attacks of over ambitioned cleaning personnel. I think Beuys would smile at this.
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Somebody should write a piece for the newsletter, placing Syd's artwork in a hisorical context.
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Thats a great idea. Once I get enough articles, I will publish a magazine.
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It is, and I would be willing to help, if I can. I actually held 5 out of the 6 Syd paintings that were auctioned in my hot little hands. The floral still life from 1963 was framed on the wall, so I couldn't get my mitts on it!Unfortunately, I'm a biochemist, and never took Art History in any form or fashion, so I would be no help in assessing the technical characteristics and techniques of his paintings.