Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

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Re: Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

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Vegetable Layne wrote:I always felt a lot of the follow-up album was a reaction to this one, making several big, long tracks with huge sounds to sharply differ from the quieter, more desperate tone of this record.
That's actually probably what happened, although a lot of AMLoR's big 80s sound seemed to have more to do with Gilmour experimenting with those sounds and then being told to turn it into a Pink Floyd album.
YetAnother wrote:Tigers should have been the first track to make it easy to skip.
Now I agree with you in one respect, but on the other hand I feel like doing that would ruin the bookend effect that the car radio has in "The Post War Dream" and "Two Suns in the Sunset". I really just wish they hadn't bothered adding "Tigers" at all - the album functioned much better without it in my opinion.

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Re: Pink Floyd - The Final Cut

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Ehhhhhhhhhh I dunno.

Some moments, I love The Final Cut. I love the emotion behind it, a few of the songs, the message, and the need for it in 1983 in the midst of the Falklands War and Cold War tension. Some moments, I absolutely hate it. I hate the vocals, the maudlin strings, the over-reliance on current affairs, and the self-righteousness of it all. Not even The Wall had that.

Although I have since outlived my Waters-Ruined-Everything phase in my Pink Floyd fandom, as evidenced by my own love for The Wall, I can't help but feel that the album could have benefited from more input by the rest of the band. That said, Gilmour reportedly didn't seem to care that much for it, so...

Also the vocals on some of these cuts are unbearable. It goes from quiet to screeching like a cat, especially on the title track and The Post War Dream.