Richard Wright - Wet Dream

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Re: Richard Wright - Wet Dream

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4. I like this one better than Broken China. I don't think the material is weak at all, and I like the playing. Rick is my favorite singer in Pink Floyd, so it's nice to hear an entire album with him doing the vocals.
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Re: Richard Wright - Wet Dream

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drafsack wrote: Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:36 amYou need to listen to this album with the context of the year it was released and what was happening in the band. its pre Wall and post 'In the flesh tour'. The band are fractured, Roger is writing The Wall, David has just released his own solo album, Nick is out playing with his cars and Rick is off sailing his boat around the Greek Islands and living the Rock and Roll lifestyle. He has also, for the first time, had no writing credits on the Animals albums as Rogers dominance as a song writer and 'band leader' is now really starting to show and he feels he has nothing to contribute to the band.
This isn't quite accurate. Very little was written by any of them after late 1973 - they debuted "Shine On", "Dogs", and "Sheep" in early '74, but they had all been in the works since late 1971; the five remaining songs that filled out Wish You Were Here and Animals were written fairly quickly in the studio, and Rick played exceptionally well all over them, but there wasn't any room left on those albums for him to expand those songs and claim a writing credit.

Rick actually recorded his solo album before Dave, because Wet Dream was still being mixed while David Gilmour was being recorded in the same studio. During a 1974 interview, Rick talked about his plans to make a solo album, and even suggested that the band should pair off and have different side projects, and if they didn't, they probably wouldn't stay together much longer. Dave really wanted a break from the band, and stuck to his gang of pre-Floyd mates from Jokers Wild, plus his brother, Mark. According to Ginger Gilmour, after the album was finished they flew to Hawaii, stayed much longer than originally planned, and enjoyed it so much that they were looking to buy a house and move there permanently until they found out the band's money had been lost in the Norton Warburg debacle. Nick also recorded Fictitious Sports with Robert Wyatt and Carla Bley that year, but didn't release it until three years later, right around the time that their lawsuit against the Norton Warburg Group was settled and the band was awarded $1Mil.