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Re: Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point soundtrack

Post by ZiggyZipgun »

MoreOrLess wrote: Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:50 pm I think all the material we now have across the Rhino release, Early years and bootlegs actually makes for a very interesting widow into the band's creative process in the studio we don't really have anywhere else.

As far as individual tracks go I think Crumbling Landing and Country Song are both nice little ballads plus Come In #51 and Explosion are very interesting alternate takes on Careful With That Axe plus of course the violent sequence is nice to hear in its original form. Actually though my favourite aspect of the sessions are the various layered Gilmour acoustic/electric layered guitar pieces, I'v always been a fan of this aspect of mid period Floyd and the various versions of Unknown Song are some of the best examples plus I think Love Scene version 7 is an improved version of the opening section of The Narrow Way with more soul to it.

Honestly I think the band would have been well served by releasing some of the above stuff much earlier than they did. I always felt that the CD version of Relics would have been better repurposed into a mix of early singles, ZP soundtrack and various early years outtakes from those sessions and elsewhere, basically the material people would actually have been buying it for in the first place.
Relics may have been released specifically because they were unable to put out an album of the unused Zabriskie Point material; they had to put out a certain number of albums within a certain number of years, but MGM hung onto everything they'd recorded for the movie. They were hired to make the entire soundtrack, operated as such, and then watched as only their least favorite tracks made it into the film. I think they enjoyed working for Barbet Schroeder much more than Antonioni, "Nile Song", "Ibiza Bar", and "The Gold It's In The..." notwithstanding.
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Re: Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point soundtrack

Post by shoutinyoursleep »

Having posted the video a few days ago the end sequence to Zabriskie Point, I'm convinced that the soundtrack version on the film of ' Careful... ' is a different take from the released soundtrack version on the album. The film version appears to be more raucous and heavier, Is there a few takes of this track from the ZP sessions.
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Re: Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point soundtrack

Post by TheLazenby »

Hi, lurker here. I burned my own 'complete' Zabriskie Point soundtrack to play while driving, this is the tracklist. :) Everything on this is either from the "Total Zabriskie Point of View" set, or from "The Early Years", re-EQ'd to match the far more pleasant sounding W. Romanus tracks.

01) Heart Beat, Pig Meat
02) Country Song Theme (Looking At Map)
03) Country Song Theme (Auto Scene Version 2)
04) Country Song [a composite, seamlessly adding on the rest of the bootlegged guitar solo]
05) Aeroplane (Fingal's Cave)
06) Take Off Version 2
07) Crumbling Land
08) Crumbling Land Reprise [the coda of the alternate take, where they jam at the end]
09) Love Scene Version 1
10) Love Scene Version 2 (Oenone)
11) Love Scene Version 3

01) Love Scene Version 4
02) Love Scene Version 5
03) Love Scene Version 6 (Alan's Blues)
04) Rain In The Country
05) The Violent Sequence
06) Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up
--Bonus Tracks--
07) Auto Scene Version 3
08) Take Off Version 1
09) Crumbling Land (On The Highway)
10) Love Scene Version 7
11) Explosion
12) Christmas Song [hidden track]