Echoes of Pink Floyd upcoming shows and video

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Echoes of Pink Floyd upcoming shows and video

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Mike, drummer from Echoes of Pink Floyd in Michigan here.

We have some shows coming up. Two nights in Jackson, MI at the Michigan Theatre, Feb 24/25. Cool old venue. We'll have the huge laser and light show with us. The sound will be pumping pretty hard as well. (drum nerd stuff=I recently got a gong bass drum and it really kicks out some low end.)

We're working on a few deep cuts for the show. We'll also be doing Animals, DSOTM and WYWH in entirety over the two days. I'm really looking forward to it.

March 10th, we'll be in Muskegon, MI, over on the beautiful west coast of Michigan. Great venue too, details are being worked out.

Here are a few vids from our October 2011 show in Kalamazoo.