Pink Floyd ‎– Cre/ation - The Early Years 1967 - 1972

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Pink Floyd ‎– Cre/ation - The Early Years 1967 - 1972

Post by drafsack »

Pink Floyd ‎– Cre/ation - The Early Years 1967 - 1972

This thread is to discuss Pink Floyd ‎– Cre/ation - The Early Years 1967 - 1972

It is available in CD


Track Listing

Disc 1
Arnold Layne
See Emily Play
Matilda Mother (2010 Mix)
Jugband Blues (2010 Mix)
Flaming (BBC Session 1967)
In The Beech Woods (2010 Mix)
Point Me At The Sky
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Single Version)
Ummagumma Radio Ad
Grantchester Meadows (BBC Session 1969)
Cymbaline (BBC Session 1969)
Interstellar Overdrive (Live At The Paradiso 1969)
Green Is The Colour (BBC Session 1969)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (BBC Session 1969)

Disc 2
On The Highway (Zabriskie Point Remix)
Auto Scene Version 2 (Zabriskie Point Remix)
The Riot Scene (Zabriskie Point Remix)
Looking At Map (Zabriskie Point Remix)
Take Off (Zabriskie Point Remix)
Embryo (Alternative Version) (BBC Session 1970)
Atom Heart Mother (Band Version) (Live In Montreux 1970)
Nothing Part 14
Childhood's End (2016 Remix)
Free Four (2016 Remix)
Stay (2016 Remix)
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Re: Pink Floyd ‎– Cre/ation - The Early Years 1967 - 1972

Post by Jimi Dean Barrett »

It's closer to Relics than Echoes. But it has the chronological tracklist that would have made Echoes and other compilations more of a listen.
Even though I was working over Christmas, my plan of "Nah, don't buy the box! Just save up and buy the sets individually!" bit the dust when it took two months to get my Universal Credit payments back on! (So much for "UC payments pick up when your job finishes!" bullshit from the Jobcentre!)
It was all I listened to for months!

Arnold Layne. The remaster makes it sound like a contemporary Indie band. The lyrics were better. 4
See Emily Play. A forgotten 67 hit sounds greater. 5
Matilda Mother. The different lyrics bring it down, but the band jam at the end shows why it was included. 4
Jugband Blues. Syd seems to depart from the compilation earlier than expected. 5
Paintbox. This is one of Rick's greatest songs. Glad it's getting a bigger audience. 5
Flaming. The DJ intro takes me out a bit, but a fascinating listen into how they sounded live. 4
In The Beechwoods. The 60's A-Go-Go section date what is otherwise a pretty piece. 3.
Point Me At The Sky. Pink Floyd's greatest single for me. 5
Careful With That Axe, Eugene. Seemed throwaway compared to live versions. 3.
Embryo. I used to have the Picnic sampler. Never liked the studio version as much. 2
Ummagumma Radio Ad. Funny but haunting. 5
Grantchester Meadows. The two singers are better than the Roger double tracked one. 5
Cymbaline. Played with more fire than More. 4
Interstellar Overdrive. Moodier and slower excerpt. 5.
Green Is The Colour. Another insight into their live set. 4
Careful With That Axe, Eugene The calmest version of it I've heard 3

On The Highway. I love "Crumbling Land" so I love this one. The film's theme song? 5
Auto Scene Version 2. The most un-Floyd track on the compilation. Could be used in other films. 5.
The Riot Scene. Faster than Us And Them but still great as a separate piece. 4
Looking At Map. The closest this album gets to "Mudmen" (A favourite of mine). 5
Take Off. This feels un-Floyd but in a bad way compared to the second track. 2
Embryo. Used to have "Pink Is The Pig" bootleg and loved this version. 5
Atom Heart Mother. Love this album and play this track the most. 5
Nothing Part 14. I prefer this to the actual track "Echoes"! 5
Childhood's End. Love OBC album and think of this as a Gilmour song than anything from AMLOR 4
Free Four. The greatest Pink Floyd single in the UK that never was! 5
Stay. I would have preferred "Mudmen" to close the compilation, but this was another great from it's album and their manager should have pressurised Waters to write more with Wright! 5

This compilation was counted with the actual box set in the charts and I think only made it to just above the top twenty. That's a real shame as I wish this compilation was heard by those who had bought Echoes. I might make a thread asking if the box did more damage than good by revealing too much all at once?
But if you come across this CD Cre/ation and haven't bought it already, snap it up! A great collection of how a band threw out it's main star and took progressive steps to reach greatness.