Got My Hands on Pink Floyd Later Years Box set! – See photos

Christmas has arrived early as I have managed to get my hands on the Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 magnificent box set of goodies! Last night, I did the all important opening of the box and just being in awe and amazement at how much effort and work has gone into this magnificent tome of goodness.

Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Boxset
Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Boxset

Here are some photos below of the unboxing ceremony. I am going to start listening to the CDs and watching the video content later whilst immersing myself in the tour programmes, memorabilia, looking through fantastic lyrics and photo book and more. It really does have the wow factor.

The boxset is released this coming Friday 13th December and you can pre-order now from Amazon UK or shipped 13th December.

Pink Floyd Later Years 1987-2019 Unboxing

So, that is where I am up to! I have the small matter of employment today but, later, the listening and watching begins!

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6 thoughts on “Got My Hands on Pink Floyd Later Years Box set! – See photos”

  1. Very curious on how pulse looks on blu-ray. The rest of the box has already been covered a lot already on YouTube.

  2. That’s the itch at least partially scratched ahead of getting own copy this weekend! Quite the handsome set, which looks to be as densely packaged as TEY box was sparse empty air.

    Methinks lossless rips of the CDs & BluRays for future viewing after the first might be in order as I’m not sure how much unpacking and replacing the cardboard insets & tour programmes etc might take over the years in order to get to the disc media below.

    Fantastic set of unboxing pictures, thank you so much for taking the time to post them.

  3. I have just finished disc 3 of 16. Sounding great so far! 😉 I will share thoughts etc in the next article in a few days probably. If not Friday! There is so much goodness to get through here!

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