Guy Pratt’s Wake Up Call Comedy Show August 2010

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Guy Pratt's Wake-up Call Comedy Show 2010 in Edinburgh

Pink Floyd session bassist Guy Pratt is to embark on another adventure with his new comedy show Guy Pratt’s Wake-up Call. He is performing the show at the Edinburgh Festival from August 22nd-30th and tickets are only £5.

It’s 4am. The alarm is set for 5. You’re in Belgrade…or possibly Buenos Aires. All these Hotel rooms look the same…There’s a noise coming from the bathroom and only a miniature of Baileys left in the mini bar….No worries you’ll sleep on the plane….You hope to hell it’s a travel day and that pile of ashes in the corner isn’t your Passport. Welcome to an average Wednesday in the life of a touring musician.  ‘Guy Pratt’s Wake-up Call’ is the next instalment of the bizarre, poignant and often hilarious life of a professional bassist told by a natural raconteur.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll probably sue.

Pink Floyd’s bassist returns for the first time since his 2007 sell-out run to regale us with more hilarious tales from the mini bar and the absurdities of life on the road for the touring musician.

Having wowed crowds the world over with ‘My Bass and other Animals’ and ‘Breakfast of Idiots’, Guy updates us on the goings on at the pointy end of the music business, and the madness that comes with breathing the rarefied air of the Superstar,  including one very bizarre Argentinean trip….

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“Wonderfully indiscreet, Pratt’s self deprecating wit is irresistible” – Mojo

“Limos, Lear jets and transit vans, it’s all funny with Guy… well limos and Lear jets anyway” Johnny Marr

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