Harry Waters Discusses his Father Roger Waters Firing Him

Harry Waters, son of Roger Waters, did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and mentioned that time Roger fired him from his touring band.

In late 2016, Roger Waters informed his son, Harry Waters, at Harry’s home in Santa Monica, California, that he would no longer be part of his band for the upcoming Us + Them tour. Harry, who had been playing keyboards and organ in his father’s band for 14 years, was dismissed along with almost all other band members except two. The two were keyboardist Jon Carin and guitarist Dave Kilminster. Harry said, “I was fired, it was pretty miserable.”

Why Was Harry Waters Fired?

“I think he just wanted a change of blood, something new, something fresh,” Waters says. “I’m not sure of his exact reasoning”.

Despite this, Harry continued to embrace his father’s music. He recently completed a tour with Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, playing Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album. Additionally, he agreed to perform in three shows with Brit Floyd, a premier Pink Floyd cover band.

Harry Waters son of Roger Waters
Harry Waters playing Piano

Harry’s early life was deeply intertwined with Pink Floyd’s music. He recalls being in the studio for the recording of “The Wall” at the age of two. Growing up, he was more drawn to older musical acts, despite the rising New Romantic scene in London. Harry’s music career began in earnest after a short stint in non-musical jobs. He played in various tribute bands, including Boot-Led-Zeppelin and a Grateful Dead tribute band, before joining the indie-rock band Hubble Deep Field.

Harry Waters in the Roger Waters Band

Harry’s involvement with Roger Waters’ band began in 2002, after turning down an earlier offer in 1999 due to commitments with Hubble Deep Field. He played in several of Roger Waters’ tours, including The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall Live tours. Despite his departure from his father’s band, Harry has been busy with other projects. He has a jazz group, the Harry Waters Band, and formed McNally Waters with John McNally. He’s also composed music for shows like “Downton Abbey” and “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” and toured with the Dean Ween Group and Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade.

Harry Waters on Politics

Harry avoids discussing politics, contrasting with his father’s outspoken nature. He defends Roger Waters against accusations of antisemitism, attributing such claims to misunderstandings of his father’s satirical performances and political stances. As for his future with Roger Waters’ band, Harry remains uncertain but open to possibilities.

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