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Have You Got It Yet? HYGIY?

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Syd Barrett: Information about the excellent compilation of unreleased material that is "Have You Got It Yet?".

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Syd BarrettSyd Barrett, what an amazing mythological character! He has gained cult status across the seven seas and has made a large splash in the ocean of modern music! Have You Got It Yet? is a compilation of unreleased material that is now freely available for all fans of Syd Barrett - across 19 CDs!

The HYGIY? project was started by Kiloh Smith at the Laughing Madcaps group. The Laughing Madcaps Syd Barrett Community is the premier and world's largest Syd Barrett fan organization. Their resources help you attain further knowledge and insight into the reclusive genius! They also have a trading group where people copy CDs for each other and discuss Syd and his work/life.

Obtain The Collection

You join the Laughing Madcaps Yahoo group and ask somebody to post you a copy of the CDs. You either send them twice as many CDs as is needed and money for postage and packaging (known as Blanks & Postage - B&P) or you trade some RoIO/bootlegs that you own already.

So join the Laughing Madcaps Yahoo Group and take it from there.

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Official Site for the Syd Barrett Have You Got Iet Yet? (HYGIY?) Series of discs.