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Listen to Rare Animals Album Demo Recordings

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Three studio quality demo recordings have become available that were made as part of the process of recording Pink Floyd’s Animals album.

You can listen to Sheep, Dogs and Pigs below with alternative lyrics and often completely different production.  Sheep, for example, is very similar to “Raving and Drooling” as they used to refer to it when they first started playing it live. Your humble webmaster much prefers the old live version to the final studio recording!

Fans were treated to all kinds of alternate takes, demos and live recordings as part of the Immersion Edition released from the band. Check out those if you find these historical articles of interest.

Listen and enjoy below, and discuss them on the forum whilst you listen.

Sheep (Raving and Drooling)


Pigs (Three Different Ones)

9 thoughts on “Listen to Rare Animals Album Demo Recordings”

  1. This is incredible. You know after the release of the Immersion sets and the “Why Pink Floyd” campaign there has been an incredible amount of stuff surface.

    Let it keep floating! It’s all we have now – there will be no Floyd reunion. Maybe a couple one-off appearances top play a song or two, but that’s all.

    It’s too bad. But it just wouldn’t be the same without Rick. Jon Carin is capable, but he is not Rick (RIP).

  2. I much prefer the final recorded versions on the album. I mean Dogs for instance, well one of the best guitar solos ever played by anyone. Just absolutely amazing. The man sings with the guitar and has always been my favourite guitarist.

  3. Yeah, I think the originals for the most part are a better representation of the compositions. But there are a few parts of all three that are really cool and worth hearing. For instance on Sheep, where at the end of the verses the vocals morph into the synth on the original is better than Roger sounding like he’s on a rollercoaster ride. But, then again it sure is cool to hear him yipping it up like this. I guess I just like any Floyd.

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