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Lucifer Sam
(Barrett) 3:07

Lucifer Sam, siam cat.
Always sitting by your side
Always by your side.
That cat’s something I can’t explain.

Ginger, ginger you’re a witch.
You’re the left side
He’s the right side.
Oh, no!
That cat’s something I can’t explain.

Lucifer go to sea.
Be a hip cat
Be a ship’s cat.
Somewhere, anywhere.
That cat’s something I can’t explain.

At night prowling sifting sand.
Hiding around on the ground.
He’ll be found when you’re around.
That cat’s something I can’t explain.

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About The Song

“Lucifer Sam” is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd, written by founding member Syd Barrett. The song was released on their 1967 debut album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”.

The lyrics of “Lucifer Sam” describe a mysterious, enigmatic cat with eyes that “glow like fire” and “move like beams of light.” The song’s title is a reference to Lucifer, the biblical figure associated with evil and temptation.

Musically, “Lucifer Sam” features a catchy, bluesy guitar riff and a driving rhythm section, as well as Barrett’s signature use of surreal and psychedelic imagery. The song is often cited as a classic example of Pink Floyd’s early sound, which blended elements of blues, rock, and experimental music with poetic and often cryptic lyrics.

“Lucifer Sam” remains a fan favourite and a staple of Pink Floyd’s early catalogue. It has been covered by numerous artists over the years and is often included in retrospective collections of the band’s work.

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