Middlewick House Open Garden Event Reflections 2024

Nick Mason’s Middlewick House Open Garden charity event has concluded for another year and looked like an amazing success. My visit this year, my second year now, was much improved by meeting and talking to Nick Mason for the first time. He signed my Limited Edition Inside Out book and I had a very brief chat with him. Nick has a great skill in picking the weekend with the best weather well in advance as it was a great family day out with a positive summer vibe. All in aid of two local charities: Wiltshire Air Ambulance and The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust.

Nick Mason memorabilia signing
Nick Mason memorabilia signing

Middlewick House Map

Visiting Nick Mason’s Wiltshire property is a lot of fun. There is plenty to see and do and I highly recommend visiting. Not only does it support charity but its a great day out.

I thought I would give a little annotated overview of what Nick’s Wilshire property looks like, and what is presented to visitors. The picture is from last year’s event but it was largely the same this year. Amongst the horses and allotment there is a helicopter, a serious amount of quality historic cars, swimming pool, tennis court and more. Take a look at the map below (click to enlarge) and have a virtual potter about. My photos are shared throughout this post, so do read on.

As well as meeting Nick, there were members of his family there too enjoying the day and working hard to make it a success. I think I saw his daughter Chloe making sure everything was running smoothly at just about every area of the event. My favourite stall was the one right next to Nick’s signing booth. It was selling items to support Harefield Healing Garden. I treated myself to several helpings of fudge which I had planned to give as gifts.

Middlewick House Map
Middlewick House Map (Click to enlarge) [Pic: Wiltshire Air Ambulance]

Inside Out Limited Edition Book Signing

They say never meet your heroes, but I chose to break that rule. I queued for an hour in Nick’s book signing queue. As I approached the front of the queue, I noticed he wasn’t selling his book at the signing stall where he was sat as per the previous year when I visited. My partner had to rush over to another stall where his books and other memorabilia were being sold. She handed me the Limited Edition Inside Out book with seconds to go, then I met Nick and had my new book signed. Exciting and fantastic. I asked for the dedication to be made to Keith at Neptune Pink Floyd, but I don’t think Nick quite heard me, he just put Keith and his “Shine On” message that he uses so he doesn’t have to write a story each time. He did manage to spell my name correctly though, which most people do not, so credit where it is due. I before E except after C… and in the name Keith.

Chapter 13 called Remembering a Day

In terms of the limited edition Inside Out book, it has been added to since the first edition and is presented in a nice sturdy red box with a Nick Mason signature on the front. It is limited to 1,000 copies and includes a postcard inside detailing the commission of the 1,000 copies for Nick. Sadly, my copy of the book does not have handwritten numbers showing which of the 1,000 it is! I got it from Nick’s house though so I think it is legit.

In terms of content, a new Chapter 13 called Remembering a Day has been added which covers everything that happened since the first edition was released. There are sad events and happy ones alike. Topics covered included the Live 8 reunion with some great backstage photos, Pink Floyd induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame, David’s On An Island solo album release, the sad loss of former Pink Floyd manager Steve O’Rourke, and Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett and Rick Wright. The chapter also included details of the Hoping’s Got Talent reunion of David and Roger – David did a deal with Roger that if he played To Know Him is to Love Him at the charity fundraiser, David would play on Comfortably Numb on one of Roger’s Wall Tour shows in 2011. Also covered was Nick’s performance at the London Olympics, Storm Thorgerson’s death, Pink Floyd’s final album The Endless River and the excellent exhibition at the V&A museum in London, Their Mortal Remains, which is still touring the world.  

CV Vintage Audio and Nick’s visit

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Hewitt who runs CV Vintage Audio. He has books available and tours vintage Pink Floyd equipment amongst other things.

Chris had turned up in his big red Avis van with a recreation of the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Quadrophonic mixing desk, speakers and amps. Understandably, Chris was eager for Nick Mason to come and visit for a chat having not managed to grab him in previous years. Chris happily posted pictures of Nick having a chat over the mixing desk. I even had a picture myself with the PA system in the Classic Cars field.

Nick Mason’s Cars

One of the great features of the event is something even non-Pink Floyd fans can enjoy. Nick Mason, via his Ten Tenths company, has one of the most impressive collections of cars in the world including the very rare Ferrari 250 GTO which really draws the fans in. Its the one with the big 22 on. Here is a selection of photos of Nick Mason’s cars.

I love the Bugatti outside Nick’s front door at the main house. Nick’s daughter Holly Mason is a keen racer herself and is married to Scottish-Italian race driver Marino Franchitti who recently raced car number 32 below, the Maserati 250F, in the 2024 Monaco Historic.

Nick Mason Cars Ferrari GTO 250

Middlewick House Open Garden 2025

The event organisers are planning to host the Nick Mason’s Middlewick House Open Garden charity event again in 2025. Hopefully I will see you there.

View photos of Middlewick House charity event 2024 in the NPF photo gallery.

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