New Roger Waters/Pink Floyd Website and Dark Side of the Moon Tour DVD

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Roger Water’s manager has been in touch with NPF to shed light on why Roger’s website is currently down and what, amongst other projects, Roger is working on! Make sure you get the NPF Newsletter so I can pass on the latest Roger Waters news to you!

The Dark Side of the Moon Tour DVD

Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Tour Poster

According to his manager, “Roger is working on a film of the TDSOTM [The Dark Side of the Moon] Live show but until it is finished there will be no release scheduled.

I was wondering when they would finally be releasing the video they were filming at the concerts! I seem to remember one big camera at stage front right on a big boom swinging over my head!

New Pink Floyd/Roger Waters Website

I mentioned in one of the NPF Newsletters a few weeks ago that Roger’s website had been taken down and replaced with a Sony EMI generic graphic instead of the previous website. Well, I can now confirm that he is keeping very busy indeed and working on a new Pink Floyd website.

His manager said, “In case you were wondering why Roger’s website is closed, its because we’re working on a Pink Floyd Website on which the individual members will also feature.

Other Upcoming Projects

As previously reported, “Roger is considering touring The Wall in 2010 and 2011. It’s obviously early days but we will keep you posted when we have more concrete news for you”.

Also, the Wall is closer to being a Broadway production as confirmed in the latest edition of MOJO magazine, which features a re-recording of The Wall album. The November edition has the first half of the album and the December edition will feature the second half. The magazine also has an interview with Roger Waters so you should get yourself a copy as soon as!

Want More Info?

I will announce all information Roger’s management sent to NPF in the NPF Newsletter so make sure you are subscribed to that. Will obviously post it on the website too so make sure you check back often. Another good method to be alerted about news is via our NPF Facebook Group. Join it and invite your friends too!

What Shall We Do Now?

Source [ Roger Waters’ manager Mark Fenwick ]