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I made a snap decision yesterday to buy the domain and make a blog site on it for Roger Waters tour information and experiences.  It is of course an un-official website and is part of Neptune Pink Floyd.

Although Neptune Pink Floyd will have an abundance of Roger Waters tour information on it (in the news, newsletters, twitter and Facebook), I will have to draw a line somewhere as to how much Roger Waters Tour content I can add to the site as the concerts happen!  I want Roger Waters Tours to be very comprehensive!


I want people to share their thoughts, experiences, photos, videos and write some content for the new blog. I am going to try and post something for each of the concerts he plays so please do send scans of your tickets and photos you may take. If you could also write something about your experiences of his shows, I am sure there will be many poeple who would like to know about your views!

Want To Help/Contribute?

I would absolutely love it if some of you stepped up and offered your time and effort to contribute to the blog!  If you are good at English, can write some decent content (looking for decent, focused and authoritative posts) then you should consider getting in touch with me to let me know!

Just to re-iterate, I am not looking for people to post on the blog the sort of thing you would normally post on the forum like the occasional comment about something.  But perhaps a review of a concert you attend with photos, ticket scans and your story.  That sort of content that has a higher quality editorial to it and I am sure people around the world would like to read your story as much as I would!

Register as a user for the blog, and then get in touch so I can change your account so you can post content.

Visit the New Site for Roger Waters Tour Experiences

Go and visit Roger Waters

Please feel free to link to the new site, post it on your Facebook and other sites and spread the word about the new website! ;-)

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