Nick Mason Drums for Peace with Sudan 365

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Nick Mason Drum for Peace - Sudan 365

Drummers from an all-star selection of bands, including Pink Floyd, The Police, Radiohead, Coldplay and others, have joined together for a new charity project called A Beat for Peace, according to The musicians are collaborating to bring attention to Sudan, where an uncertain peace agreement has come on the heels of civil war.

Percussionists from Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Stewart Copeland (The Police) to Phil Selway (Radiohead) and Will Champion (Coldplay) worked together on a video, recording their parts along with an assortment of famous and unknown artists in different locations around the world. The video (see below) has been released before a meeting of world leaders at the United Nations in New York City on September 24.

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Source [ Gibson, Sudan 365 ]