Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets Tour Kicks Off

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets tour kicks off tonight at Victoria Hall in Stoke-On-Trent in England. Nick and the band will perform all over England, Scotland and Wales during June 2024. Then in July, the band will head over to mainland Europe for the European leg of the tour. This will start off in the Netherlands and end in Germany on 1st August.

Nick Mason Saucerful of Secrets Tour 2024
Nick Mason Saucerful of Secrets Tour 2024

Nick Mason Stage Times

Many fans are asking about what time is Nick Mason’s saucerful of Secrets on? How long is the show? Is there an interval in the show? What time does the show end as I need to get the train home! Well, here is the official running order.

7:15pm – Introduction music played to get the audience in the mood for the show, it was mixed by Dom Beken on Keyboards

7.30pm First Set

8.30pm Interval for 20 mins

9.50pm Second Set

10.50pm End of Show

Reflections on the Saucerful of Secrets Band

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets offers a unique opportunity to revisit the early work of Pink Floyd with a fresh and improvisational approach. Their performances breathe new life into classic tracks, providing both long-time fans and newcomers with a unique musical experience.

Nick Mason said, “Six years ago when I got behind the drums again and we started playing the early Pink Floyd material, it was a real pleasure on so many levels. Many of the tracks had never actually been played live, so to have performed them all over the world has been something we’ve all enjoyed immensely.”

In 2018, Lee Harris, a former member of the Blockheads, proposed to Guy Pratt, a Pink Floyd collaborator, the idea of forming a band with Nick Mason to perform Pink Floyd’s early psychedelic material. The band was joined by Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet and keyboardist Dom Beken, both of whom had previously worked with Pratt in the electronic band Transit Kings. Mason emphasized that Kemp was not replacing Barrett, but rather, Kemp’s enthusiasm for the project was key. The band’s early rehearsals were promising, driven mainly by the members’ enthusiasm.

A Fresh Take on Early Pink Floyd Classics

Rather than simply recreating the original tracks, the band focuses on making the music fresh. They take inspiration from the tracks but do not try to emulate what’s on the record. This approach is particularly evident in the breakdown sections in Interstellar Overdrive and Set The Controls For The Heart Of Sun, which exemplify early Floyd at their most experimental and free‑form.

Nick Mason said, “The big thing with the Saucers that’s so good for me is that every time we play it seems to get a little better. Extra ideas are thrown in all the time, and I’ve never come offstage thinking, ‘Well, that wasn’t particularly good’.”

Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt share the vocal duties in Saucerful. Kemp emphasizes that improvisation is key to their music. He likens their music to splash painting, like a musical Jackson Pollock, stating that it’s never going to be the same painting twice.

The band has been performing in various venues, and their setlists include songs like “One of These Days”, “Arnold Layne”, “Fearless”, “Obscured by Clouds”, “When You’re In”, “Candy and a Currant Bun”, “Vegetable Man”, “If”, “Atom Heart Mother”, and “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”.

Read Classic Rock article where the band discus the set list for the 2024 tour.

Nick Mason Tour Dates 2024

Nick Mason UK Tour

2024-06-11 : Nick Mason at Victoria Hall, Stoke-On-Trent, England
2024-06-12 : Nick Mason at Barbican (York), York, England
2024-06-13 : Nick Mason at Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, England
2024-06-15 : Nick Mason at Oxford New Theatre, Oxford, England
2024-06-17 : Nick Mason at Beacon (Bristol), Bristol, England
2024-06-18 : Nick Mason at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England
2024-06-19 : Nick Mason at O2 Apollo (Manchester), Manchester, England
2024-06-21 : Nick Mason at SEC Armadillo, Glasgow, Scotland
2024-06-22 : Nick Mason at Glasshouse, Gateshead, England
2024-06-24 : Nick Mason at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Wales
2024-06-25 : Nick Mason at Lighthouse, Poole, England
2024-06-26 : Nick Mason at Brighton Dome, Brighton, England
2024-06-28 : Nick Mason at Regent Theatre (Ipswich), Ipswich, England
2024-06-29 : Nick Mason at Royal Albert Hall, London, England

Nick Mason European Tour

2024-07-02 : Nick Mason at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
2024-07-03 : Nick Mason at Kursaal Ostend, Ostend, Belgium
2024-07-04 : Nick Mason at L’Olympia, Paris, France
2024-07-05 : Nick Mason at Den Atalier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
2024-07-07 : Nick Mason at Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
2024-07-08 : Nick Mason at Liederhalle Beethovensaal, Stuttgart, Germany
2024-07-09 : Nick Mason at Olympiapark Süd, Munich, Germany
2024-07-10 : Nick Mason at Avditorij Portoroz, Portoroz, Slovenia
2024-07-13 : Nick Mason at Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland
2024-07-16 : Nick Mason at Kasematten, Graz, Austria
2024-07-18 : Nick Mason at Teatro Arcimboldi, Milan, Italy
2024-07-19 : Nick Mason at Piazza Dei Signori, Vicenza, Italy
2024-07-20 : Nick Mason at Sequoie Music Park, Bologna, Italy
2024-07-21 : Nick Mason at Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Rome, Italy
2024-07-22 : Nick Mason at Unknown TBC, Rome, Italy
2024-07-23 : Nick Mason at Belvedere San Leucio, Caserta, Italy
2024-07-24 : Nick Mason at Teatro al Castello, Roccella Ionica, Italy
2024-07-27 : Nick Mason at Roncalliplatz, Cologne, Germany
2024-07-28 : Nick Mason at Breitenbach am Herzberg, Breitenbach, Germany
2024-07-30 : Nick Mason at Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
2024-07-31 : Nick Mason at Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany
2024-08-01 : Nick Mason at Kuppelsaal, Frankfurt, Germany

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