NPF Donations Reach 100%

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I am very pleased to announce that the 32 people below have donated enough money to cover the cost of Neptune Pink Floyd’s web servers for 2009!  I would like to thank them all for giving us all another 12 months of our great community!  Thank you very much!!

You can view a full list of the donors, amounts, and the NPF Accounts for 2009 in this MS Excel file.

The 32 donors!

Brenda Stones
Keith Jordan
Robert Morgan
Gary (ddebil)
Carl Wheeler
David Gee
David Schindler
Daniel Kinney
Jack Sardegna
Colin Cartwright
Branimir Kucar
alex bunning
daniel brown
Nicholas Hawes
Shona Owens
Michael King
Douglas Anderson
Peter Taylor
Sarah Siefert
Fever Tech Communications
Peter Graves T/A Peter Graves Internet Development
walter michulka
Patricia Del Franco
Deborah Jackson
Vahur Tamm
Nicolaos Kelaidis
Roger Sharples