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Donors Excel Spreadsheet for Dec 2007 |

53 wonderful people have donated all of the money to cover the site web server costs for the next 6 months! The web server is the computer the website is stored on and the one you access to download NPF web pages!

The site has been running very slowly of late due to too much demand on the server’s resources! As NPF managed to raise USD $1180.11 in just two days, there is enough money to rent two servers. For those interested, the second server will be a database server where the forum, photo gallery and newsletter will be powered from! That will free up more memory and processing power on the main NPF server so things should load up much quicker!

The Donors

You can download an Excel Spreadsheet of who donated what or you can view the glorious names of our heroes below! Thank you to all 53 people who donated.

Teresa Northrop
Bran Kucar
Niccolò Benvenuti
richard shafto
Ian MacDonald
William Turner
Robert Morgan
Lesley Farbridge
Alan Prendergast
Gina Ramsay
Michael King
fernando Sousa
Mike Smith
Véronique Crutzen
David Schindler
Matteo Riveruzzi
Philip Rogers
Randy Honeycutt
alex bunning
Bob Cleveland
Patrick d’Argence
Robin Felton
Thomas Alexander
Patrick van den Udenhout
Mike Ross
M Elings
Helen Geier
Michael Melbourne
Stuart Campbell
Paul Webster
James Knowles
Michael Leo
Peter Taylor
Gabriel Swossil
Fever Tech Communications
David Galipeau
Michael Thomas
Lindsay Ball
David Muddle
Brian Kolada
Roger Sharples
Niels Vistisen
John Sposato
alan michael ruxton
Carter Broome
Sarah Siefert
Mark Blake
Lars Hulshof
Lutz Menzel

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