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Obscured by Clouds Lyrics (Waters, Gilmour) 3:04


01. Obscured By Clouds
02. When You’re In
03. Burning Bridges
04. Gold It’s In The…
05. Wot’s… Uh The Deal
06. Mudmen
07. Childhood’s End
08. Free Four
09. Stay
10. Absolutely Curtains

About the Song

“Obscured by Clouds” is the title track of Pink Floyd’s 1972 album, which doubles as the soundtrack to the French film “La Vallée.” The song is emblematic of the band’s atmospheric sound during this transitional period, capturing a sense of mystery and expectation.

The instrumental “Obscured by Clouds” sets a moody and anticipative tone for the album of the same name. Pink Floyd uses this opening track to immediately immerse listeners in a soundscape that is both enigmatic and driving, mirroring the obscured and unknown journey into the Papua New Guinean rainforest depicted in “La Vallée.”

Built around a pulsating bassline and a stratum of synthesizer effects, the track unfolds with a sense of urgency. David Gilmour’s guitar work is at the forefront, featuring slide techniques that convey a feeling of soaring and searching. The drumming by Nick Mason adds a grounded, almost tribal rhythm to the piece, reinforcing the theme of primal and natural exploration.

“Obscured by Clouds” as a piece captures the band’s experimentation with electronic textures and serves as a prelude to the more narrative-driven tracks on the album. It’s a snapshot of Pink Floyd’s sound during a phase where they were expanding their musical horizons, paving the way for their subsequent critically acclaimed works.

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