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David Gilmour and Wife Polly Samson with Nigella Lawson

David Gilmour and Wife Polly Samson with Nigella Lawson. Mr Gilmour's eyes do seem to have wandered a little in this photo! lol


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  • Chris on 2012-Jan-10 01:11:50 Chris said

    Can you blame him!!!
  • DonConstantino on 2012-Apr-06 21:04:32 DonConstantino said

    heads up mr gilmour!
  • john on 2012-Jul-11 22:56:11 john said

    And his tounge is out too
  • alex on 2012-Sep-01 19:07:36 alex said

    he like the tits !
  • Masoud on 2012-Dec-05 05:05:30 Masoud said

    Please Dont Say These Words For Dave,I Beleive He is Just Cared Enough About Nigella's Dress.
    This Is Truth,I Know How Much Dave Loves His Wife,Please Dont Say Something Like That Again For The Legend Rock Guitarist David Gilmour.
  • nikita on 2013-Jan-23 16:51:23 nikita said

    Well, he's gotta look, he's a man! Plus I'm sure he misses a nice handful considering....I'd let him play with mine!
  • Jonah on 2013-Mar-07 06:15:23 Jonah said

    I expect David is like me. He gets his appetite while he is out, and then eats at home. I just wish my wife looked like his. I wonder if he would swop?
  • yo on 2013-Jun-04 03:50:17 yo said lo perdona,ya que es un gran hombre.Aparte luego se va a desquitar con su mujer que está rebuena
  • States the obvious on 2013-Dec-03 02:46:45 States the obvious said

    She's hideous compared to Polly. He's probably trying to avoid eye contact - hoping she'll wander off and leave him with his angel.
  • Barry Krajeski on 2014-Dec-30 13:59:09 Barry Krajeski said

    I think you are all a bunch of sickos.He could be daydreaming and not seeing much of anything.
  • Dakota08 on 2015-Jan-29 09:16:24 Dakota08 said

    Actually, Nigella Lawson is a very attractive woman, this is just not a very flattering photograph of her. Also, I believe she is a friend of David and Polly's. Please understand that as much as we all love David, myself included, he is still just man, not a God, and men sometimes have momentary lapses of reason, as I'm sure David himself would tell you. Men, as you know, are very visual and they do like to look. That doesn't mean David would ever act on it, it just means that as a man, married or not, he still appreciates a good looking woman when he sees one.
  • Jules on 2020-May-29 08:30:26 Jules said

    Ginger was his first wife and last Angel! He didn't need to look around back then. Their's was "Love at First Site", 4 children and she stood by him from the beginning of his most difficult years. He had the best life, he didn't need to support anyone else!!

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