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David Gilmour and Wife Polly Samson with Nigella Lawson

David and Polly with Nigella Lawson at a party.... eye to eye


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  • john on 2012-Jul-11 22:59:53 john said

    He likes this lady. Look at his eyes
  • Barry Krajeski on 2014-Dec-30 14:15:31 Barry Krajeski said

    John you a-hole you can't read someone's mind just because he has to look at a person
  • Dakota08 on 2015-Jan-27 17:59:57 Dakota08 said

    Having an opinion that's different from yours does not make someone an "a-hole". And seeing the softness or hardness in someone's eyes is not a presumption to read that person's mind. A father can look at his child with love in his eyes and you can see that love in his eyes, also, a person can look at their worse enemy with hatred in their eyes and you can see that hatred in their eyes. It has nothing to do with reading someone's mind.

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