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Polly Samson Photograph | David Gilmour's Wife

Polly Samson is an author, writer of lyrics on multiple albums and also the wife of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. Polly Samson was born in London in 1962 when David Gilmour was growing up in Cambridge learning guitar!


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  • Michael Valk on 2012-Mar-26 00:26:47 Michael Valk said

    Polly is beautiful.. glad she's brunette ..suggests more intellect to me ..inspiration to converse with David wade through the murky waters ..oops a pun ..Rogers relationship with fellow writer of so much Floyd material.. look I always return to Floyd as it seriously embraces my concept of music ..I hope the two driving forces behind the band can get over the pangs of reunion ..not just for Syd ..there's a collaborative magic that the boys knock at the door of ..anyway I still enjoy everything you do ..without eachother ..probably better feeding off eachothers yearning ..keep this beautiful woman your wife David I think she loves you
  • simon on 2012-May-16 14:00:48 simon said

    They are the perfect match.......

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