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Young David Gilmour Photos (10)


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  • deb tompkins on 2011-Sep-11 02:55:12 deb tompkins said

    says it all! Still stirs my inner being!
  • chiquita on 2011-Oct-31 09:17:35 chiquita said

    sweeeeeeet n soulful...
  • 70'sgirl on 2012-Jan-24 21:59:21 70'sgirl said

    That face says it all!
  • Marissa'61 on 2012-Jun-19 12:13:12 Marissa'61 said

    Gorgeous!! If I only could turn back time!
  • Moria on 2012-Dec-01 12:17:23 Moria said

    Wish I was alive then, just to see him in the flesh, lol!!! Although he's still completely sexy gorgeous sexy, still a musical genius...
  • Angela on 2013-Mar-29 02:19:06 Angela said

  • Jude on 2013-Apr-06 08:33:15 Jude said

    omg I would be so good to you david!
  • Deb on 2013-Jun-07 01:56:20 Deb said

    One of the most beautiful men ever!!
  • 慢 on 2014-Mar-06 11:34:22 慢 said

    happy birthday ,my hero. 我的男神,生日快乐!
  • Dakota08 on 2014-Aug-24 00:49:59 Dakota08 said

    If good looks were a crime, this guy would get a life sentence.
  • Nancy on 2015-Jan-14 03:25:17 Nancy said

    I've never seen a man with looks like his. I was about 12 when Wish You Were Here came out & was so into the Floyd's sound. It wasn't until I was 14 when I first saw his pic on the Ummagumma cover & I was absolutely mesmerized. He was the guy I'd always dreamed of being with (yeah, get in line!). Good for Ginger! She got to have him then! I was so sorry when I learned they divorced; they were such a beautiful couple.
  • enneache on 2016-Jul-24 14:18:57 enneache said

  • Pamela Smith on 2016-Oct-08 04:46:21 Pamela Smith said

    I did meet him in the flesh when I was at Syds flat and he was exceptionally unforgettably gorgeous and very smiley the one time I met him!
  • Ann H. on 2017-Jul-05 17:04:36 Ann H. said

    He's so beautiful, it makes you want to cry!!!

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