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Richard and David recording Dark Side of the Moon

Richard Wright and David Gilmour recording Dark Side of the Moon at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. This could be the recording of On The Run which features some programmed sequences on the world's first synthesizer the VCS3.


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  • pedro on 2012-Sep-04 16:46:22 pedro said

    History on the making , although these guys were not actually aware of it.
    Never up to then and never since then such a futuristic and out of this world piece of work saw the light of the day.
    A lot of great, wonderful, everlasting music have been made up to now but none of which with such an incredible groundbraking power.
    Not my favorite Floyd album - Wish You were Here is - but definitely an unavoidable page in history of Rock'n'Roll.
    Things would have never been the same.
  • Tedire on 2012-Oct-28 21:23:55 Tedire said

    It was'nt at Abbey Road, but at Hérouville, during the making of Obscured By Clouds.

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