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Syd Barrett Portrait of a Girl Painting

Syd Barrett Portrait of a Girl Painting


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  • Maggie on 2018-Aug-02 16:30:24 Maggie said

    When was this picture sold? Does anyone know it's history?
  • Felix Atagong on 2018-Aug-22 19:22:35 Felix Atagong said

    This painting is discussed, right now, at the Birdie Hop group (Syd Barrett fans) on Facebook.According to the Barrett 'art' book this painting was auctioned in 1994 'and has not been seen since'.
  • Frances allen on 2020-Mar-10 09:05:49 Frances allen said

    If you would like more info on this painting do contact me. I am the girl in picture painted during portrait class at art school a fellow student and friend liked it and bought it from syd she kept the paining for many years. And that is where fun begins. I read a lady in ireland bought it from a junk shop and wanting to know history. I can give it to her but story about how it went from my friend to junk shop doesn't quite add up. Happy to talk with you if interested.
  • Keith L Edmisten on 2020-May-31 13:59:00 Keith L Edmisten said

    Are there prints available for sale?

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