Pig over Battersea Power Station for Why Pink Floyd launch

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Pink Floyd Animals Cover

(Edit, This has now happened there is a picture here) The official Pink Floyd Facebook page has created an Event listing for a meeting at Battersea Power Station in London where the famous Animals front cover was created.For those of you that don’t use Facebook, an Event is something you can list on Facebook and invite people to attend like an RSVP online.

Back in 1976, a giant inflatable pig was tethered onto one of the cooling towers which Storm Thorgerson then took a photo of to become part of the artwork for the Animals album. This is shown here on the right. The pig, however, managed to become un-tethered and fly off!

The event created on Facebook is called Pigs On A Wing and does not mention what the event is about or what is happening. There is no hint about what could be going on. However, it has been speculated that the famous scene of the Pig being tethered to the cooling towers will be recreated! This is just speculation though.

Edited 22/09/2011 – EMI Music have just confirmed that on Monday (26th September) they will launch the ‘Why Pink Floyd…?’ 2011 remasters and collectors edition campaign by recreating the legendary Pink Floyd ‘Animals’ sleeve and float the Pink Floyd Pig above Battersea Power Station. This will be the first time in 35 years that the Pink Floyd Pig will fly again above the iconic London landmark. For more details visit PinkFloyd.com

The event is happening between 6am and 9am on the morning of the release of Why Pink Floyd Phase 1 which includes Dark Side of the Moon in Experience and Immersion editions as well as the normal Discovery version of the albums bother as single albums and box set.

Come and Discuss Pigs on a Wing event on the forum and let us know your thoughts on the Event!

Source [ Pink Floyd Official Facebook and Speculation ]