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Mark Blake had his long awaited Pigs Might Fly – The Inside Story of Pink Floyd book released today in the UK. Mark is Editor-In-Chief of MOJO and Q Special Editions and certainly knows how to access the “people involved” and can certainly write a good book!

Published by Aurum, the book draws on over 100 new interviews, covers the whole history of the band including Live 8 and features the input of people from the Pink Floyd circles who have not given interviews before now!

The book is released as a hardback and is 401 pages in length. There are several pages in the centre of the book where some rare and unseen photos are printed on glossy paper. But the best thing about the book for me is the writing style! It is like having a chat with a well informed friend! Well worth treating yourself to a copy!

The book is available to purchase now from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (35% off) and comes highly recommended!

Discuss On ForumFeel free to discuss the book and ask any questions about it on the NPF Forum where Mark Blake is a member.

There is a thread set up here already. Don’t PM him though, keep it to the forum thread as Mark is a very busy chap and lots of people may ask the same questions!!

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