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Greatest Gig in the Sky | Media Player
Why Pink Floyd | UK TV Advert

As part of the promotional activities of the Why Pink Floyd release schedule, an hour long Dark Side of the Moon video has appeared on the official Pink Floyd YouTube channel for you to watch and enjoy. It is called The Greatest Gig in the Sky.

The audio is from the November 1974 BBC recording of Pink Floyd’s Wembley performance of Dark Side of the Moon and lets you listen to the album all the way through. The video includes rear screen projection videos that were shown at the live shows on stage.

To encourage fans to converge and discuss, the video is “broadcast” on the hour every hour until next Wednesday 28th so make sure you check it out before then in case it disappears!

I strongly recommend you watch the fancy version of the video with the hourly broadcast and fan comments integrated into the videos. However, if that is not working for you and you want to scroll through the video, click the YouTube logo on the video player to be taken to the normal YouTube page layout. Do experience the integrated version to the right though!

Other Videos of Interest

The Pink Floyd Sound have really been taking advantage of the latest marketing platforms available in the form of Social Media with their Twitter account and Facebook page which has nearly 15.5m fans on! They are popular!

But they have gone further with the marketing in the form of their Youtube Channel. They have been using “Pink Floyd Viral Videos” over the past couple of weeks to get people interested and talking with one another about the Why Pink Floyd releases. I think they look rather good.  Another excellent video is the extended UK TV advert which you can watch on YouTube. If you are wondering who is doing the voice over, it is Sean Bean from Lord of the Rings, Troy and others!

Don’t Forget Algie!

EMI are recreating the front cover of the Animals album on Monday 26th September 2011 at London’s Battersea Power Station.

From 6am until 9am Algie the pig (technically it is a new pig and not the original Algie!) will be tethered to the North cooling towers so a good vantage point for taking photos would be Grosvenor Road or perhaps up near Chelsea Embankment. Do send in some photos if you take any!

Coming Up

I should be getting some goodies shortly in the form of the Immersion Edition of Dark Side of the Moon. I shall be writing a nice review of that so make sure you are connected to us to receive news updates. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and get our free Newsletter to remain informed of news!

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