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Pink Floyd is 50 Years Old This Month – What A Journey

Pink Floyd in 1965: Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Bob Klose, Richard Wright
Pink Floyd in 1965: Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Bob Klose, Richard Wright

Pink Floyd started using the name The Pink Floyd back in February 1965. This means we are currently celebrating a great milestone in their history- it’s the 50th anniversary this very month!

50 years ago, The Pink Floyd had member Bob “Rado” Klose in the band who left in the summer of that year. He would later say in interviews that he did not regret his decision, which is great. Would you share the same opinion if you had not experienced the 50 years of Pink Floyd that followed? Leave a comment below.

Pink Floyd 1964
Pink Floyd 1964 (The Tea Set)

Before Pink Floyd was Pink Floyd, various members were in all kinds of other bands with varying degrees of success.

Read the article Before They Were Pink Floyd to learn all about the different bands before Pink Floyd came along and the other people involved! Syd Barrett was with Those Without, David Gilmour with Jokers Wild (listen to that), Geoff Mott & The Mottoes and more!

During 1964 the band were called The Tea Set and played at least 5 concerts under that name. They would go on to change their name to Pink Floyd and went to tour the world for many decades playing at least 1,215 Pink Floyd concerts! Perhaps you were at some of them?

Pink Floyd recorded two amazing songs in February 1965 which were never released officially but certainly made their way onto the bootleg scene where they have been available for many years. Have a listen to them below. There are lots of other unreleased Pink Floyd songs you may never have heard before, they are all out there on the bootleg scene one could believe.

Pink Floyd – Lucy Leave

A Syd Barrett classic which is very popular amongst some groups of avid fans. They also recorded a second great song…

Pink Floyd – King Bee

Your Pink Floyd Memories

Please share some of your memories of Pink Floyd over the years by either commenting on this article, or leaving a comment over on Twitter or Facebook for us. Tell us about the first time you heard the band, did you see them live, what is your favourite album and perhaps what your favourite album is!

I am sure their music will last for many years to come, perhaps a millenium!

13 thoughts on “Pink Floyd is 50 Years Old This Month – What A Journey”

  1. I was a fan since hearing tracks from Ummagumma on FM radio in New York City, back when radio was still daring and free form. Saw them in concert many times since, my first [and favorite] being at Carnegie Hall in May of ’72. They did Echoes and the early version of Dark Side of the Moon, called Eclipse. Just the four of them, no backing singers or musicians and it was amazing. The effects were terrific but overwhelming or distracting. I still have the program somewhere. The following year I saw them at Radio City Music Hall, alas, that was the end of the intimate shows as their growing popularity led them to arenas and stadiums.

  2. I saw these guys first in San Francisco in 67 or early 68. Then I met and hung out with them when I worked for the Philadelphia Music festival at JFK Stadium while stuck back east when my hitch-hiking partner went home to his folks in Swarthmore and left this California girl stranded.

    The guy that put this festival on is the brother of a guy I met in Rittenhouse Square in Downtown Philly and I was hired and given the title ‘seamstress for the bands’.

    I saw Pink Floyd again for their “Dark Side of the Moon” show while I was in Ottawa and have never forgotten the time I shared with them backstage in a geodesic dome on the field at JFK in a rain storm in 1968 )

  3. The very first record I bought, it was a cartridge in fact, was Wish You Were Here. Since I bought many records from different bands. Pink Floyd is the only band I have all records. It is still a big pleasure to listen one of these pearls. I will also never forget the few concerts I have seen.
    Thank you guys.

  4. I have seen the band on many occasions including a gig in Weston super Mare when a fifth member appeared. Who was this playing lead behind Syd? It transpiired that a guy called David Gilmour had stepped in to cover for poor Syd who was obviously struggling.

  5. We love the floyd here in the U.S.A I have been
    With Pink Floyd all of their 50 Years I have seen
    All there shows here in Seattle & Canada .
    I have the best collection ever.I’m a true fan
    We need more music that would be vary cool.
    Thanks to all the Floyd fans you are the best.
    We love you forever Pink Floyd.

  6. I saw this excellent band at wembley then again at knebworth park absolutely brilliant dark side of the moon best album Micky newark

  7. We’ll you don’t become the best over night but over 50yrs definitely so I can see them being there for at least another 10yrs easily on top go you crazy diamonds..”

  8. Pink Floyd… A total Phenomenon, creating a genre all of their own. Timeless indeed and will never sound “dated”. Thank you from me and the millions of admirers worldwide.

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