Pink Floyd Concert in Romania 2012?

Pink Floyd Live 8
Pink Floyd Live 8

Saw a very odd story indeed today on a website called Business Reivew in which they say, “At a press conference announcing the Rock the City festival, D&D East Entertainment officials have stated that the legendary Pink Floyd might hold a concert in Romania, next year, according to website The organizers are, however, currently negotiating with the band.”

I find that highly unlikely even in light of Nick Mason’s recent radio interview on BBC 6 Music in which he said he would like Pink Floyd to get back together and play a concert for a special occasion, much like Live 8.

Pink Floyd have not played in Romania before although Roger Waters has performed in Russia in the past a few times. I find it highly unlikely that they would play in Romania!

Anyway, what do I know! Please do leave a comment below to share your thoughts about this story and where you would ideally like to see Pink Floyd perform a concert in future! You never know what could happen!

4 thoughts on “Pink Floyd Concert in Romania 2012?”

  1. Why do you find very unlikely that Pink Floyd would play in Romania? Because you’re a bighead that consider that romanians are illiterate? You’re right, what do you know about it? I’m romanian and I’ve grown up with Pink Floyd, Queen, Zeppelin etc and I’ve always longed for a live performance. But here comes someone like you who suggests that my favorite band would humiliate performing in Romania. I’m very disappointed about your article, and I think you’d better find another job, perhaps on Ku Klux Klan.

  2. If Pink Floyd were to get back together again and play somewhere, then I doubt it would be in Romania because they have never played there before and I cannot imagien they would have much of a following there. I do not think that is a racist view as you suggest. I just think they would probably play in UK or USA.

  3. I appologize for my reply and for not controling my temper, but these things are very frustrating.

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