Pink Floyd On Front Cover of Rolling Stone!

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Pink Floyd On Front Cover of Rolling Stone!Pink Floyd are to feature on the front of the Rolling Stone magazine.

It said on the Rolling Stone website, “Finally! After a long and storied career, Pink Floyd will grace the cover of Rolling Stone. Trust us: It was worth the wait.

The cover story tackles the band’s long, tumultuous history, from the acid-drenched Syd days to the Dark Side of popularity to the disintegration of the band, in what is the most complete retrospective of the band to ever fill our pages.

Be sure to check in all week for Floyd-themed goodies, like our synching of Dark Side and Oz, culminating with the Pink Floyd issue, which hits stands this Friday [23rd March 2007]”.

DiscussArguably, Rolling Stone have never really liked Pink Floyd so it is a little odd that they would go and stick them on the front cover!

Not Been On Cover Before? You Sure?

It would seem RS have never really liked the Floyd much that they have forgotten that they actually have featured Pink Floyd on the cover before! The image below from 1987 is evidence enough!

Feel free to air your view on the forum on this thread!

Pink Floyd Rolling Stone 1987

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