Pink Floyd sculpted Wall figures!

Stevenson Entertainment Group are in the process of sculpting 5 highly detailed action figures based on several characters from The Wall movie. Gerald Scafre’s animations from the movie and series of live performances of the wall will be released in

Here is what Hugo Stevenson said to Neptune Pink Floyd:

We actually haven’t begun sculpting the figures yet, but are targeting this fall as a release date on the initial line of 5 action figures. Series 1 will consist of the following:

Eagle warplane
School Teacher
Marching Hammers
Scorpion and Pink

Each figure will come with a piece of the Wall that will fit together.

So there you go! I imagine if they do well they will probably make some more of these figures for us! Stevenson Entertainment Group have other action figures available that you can buy from here. Subscribe to the free newsletter and I will keep you updated on this and other news.

Source: Stevenson Entertainment Group