Pink Floyd Take Over BBC 6 Music in October

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Pink Floyd | BBC 6 Music Take Over

The Pink Floyd will be taking over the airwaves at BBC 6 Music from 7pm on 7th October 2011 until 3am the next morning in the aptly named “Pink Floyd Night”.

8 programs will involve play-lists, analysis of albums, a new interview with David Gilmour and Nick Mason (on The Record Producers, see below), live recordings and documentary analysis and should keep most Pink Floyd fans out of trouble for a good few hours!I think the real nugget in all of this will be The Record Producers program at 9pm on 7th October as some of the other items are repeats and some fans may have listened to these already. Fun to listen again though I am sure you will agree?

This huge takeover of BBC 6 Music is all part of the Why Pink Floyd phase 1 event of course which saw the release of the rather excellent Dark Side of the Moon in a 2 CD Experience Edition as well as a 6 disc Immersion Edition box set with lots of additional goodies! The entire back catalogue is also available as individually remastered albums in addition to a nice box set of all the studio albums. Phase 2 with Wish You Were Here done the same will be available on November 2011 and The Wall in February 2012. Stay connected with us with the links above to get more news on those.

Personally, I will be setting my Sky+ to record all of these but, alternatively, you can listen online at BBC 6 Music website, listen on a digital radio (not analogue) and also listen through the TV on the likes of Sky TV and various Cable providers. If you are reading this and it is past 7th October, don’t despair as it should all be available on BBC iPlayer!

Pink Floyd Night Schedule:

7th Oct 11 – Evening

19:00–21:00 – Now Playing @6Music

Tom Robinson asks listeners to compile a Pink Floyd playlist. Tom Robinson reflects seven days of online music conversation, on air, and 6 Music listeners collaborate to build a Pink Floyd playlist. As 6 Music devotes an evening to the influential prog rockers, Tom gets the online conversation going, asking listeners what they think of Pink Floyd and their music.

21:00–22:30 – The Record Producers – Pink Floyd

Richard Allinson and Steve Levine look at the work of Pink Floyd in the latest edition of Record Producers. The programme concentrates on the early days of the band and the development of their sound from the late 60s through to the mid 70s

Amongst the contributors to the programme are Joe Boyd, Floyd’s producer for their first single Arnold Layne; John Leckie, who engineered the band’s album Meddle; and Clare Torry, whose vocal performance on The Great Gig In The Sky is one of the highlights of Dark Side Of The Moon.

There are new interviews with guitarist David Gilmour and percussionist Nick Mason, and Richard and Steve have access to the original multitrack recordings of some of Pink Floyd’s best work from this period. These highlights include the four track tapes of Arnold Layne; their masterpiece Echoes (which began as an eight track recording – but later expanded to 16); the 16 track recordings of Money and Great Gig In The Sky from the seminal Dark Side. album, and 24 track recordings from their 1975 release Wish You Were Here, including the epic Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Exclusive to the extended version of the programme for 6 Music is an in-depth look at the recording of the song Breathe, from Dark Side Of The Moon; as well as the discovery of an early recording which Steve Levine found by accident hidden on the Arnold Layne tape!

With a few extra surprises along the way, this edition of The Record Producers is not only an unmissable programme for Pink Floyd fans, but also a “must listen” for any lover of quality popular music.

22:30–23:00 – The Producers Playlist – Pink Floyd

Steve Levine presents a personal choice of Pink Floyd highlights including See Emily Play, San Tropez from
the Meddle album and The Division Bell’s High Hopes.

23:00–00:00 – Pink Floyd at the BBC

A selection of archive recordings from Pink Floyd.

8th Oct 11 – Late

00:00–01:00 – Stuart Maconie’s Freakier Zone

A 60 minute compendium of audio gloop, hosted by King of Freaks, Stuart Maconie. This is the boiled-down peculiar little brother to Sunday’s Freak Zone.

This week’s show continues 6 Music’s Pink Floyd Night, with Stuart looking at one of the band’s stranger releases – the 1969 double album Ummagumma.

01:00–02:00 – Desert Island Discs on 6 Music – David Gilmour

David Gilmour is Sue Lawley’s castaway. Among his selections are Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Martha and the Vandellas. First broadcast in April 2003.

02:00–03:00 – Desert Island Discs on 6 Music – Roger Waters

Roger Waters is Kirsty Young’s guest. His selections include Mahler and his luxury is a grand piano. First broadcast in May 2011.

03:00–05:00 – The Thing About Syd

Mark Radcliffe explores the life and legacy of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett – one of the lost souls of British rock music.

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