Pink Floyd The Story Of Wish You Were Here on Blu-ray & DVD

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Pink Floyd Story of Wish You Were Here

Eagle Rock Home Entertainment are to release Pink Floyd: The Story Of Wish You Were Here on Blu-ray and DVD for Floyd fans to enjoy. The 85 minute documentary will be released in the UK on 25th June 2012 and in the USA on 26th June 2012. It was broadcast in March 2012 on VH1 in the USA and will be available for all to enjoy on DVD.

WYWH A Favourite

Wish You Were Here is Pink Floyd fan’s second favourite album coming a very close second to Dark Side of the Moon according to The Big Pink Floyd survey of Pink Floyd’s best albums. The 1975 album was written on the road by Roger Waters during the Dark Side of the Moon Tour in USA and is one of the defining moments of the band’s history. It is great news that there is now a DVD to add to our already busting collection since the Immersion Boxsets were upon us.

The documentary tells the story of the making of Wish You Were here with new first hand interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason. It also has archive material from the late Richard Wright. No Pink Floyd DVD would be complete without Storm Thorgerson and we also get an appearance from singer Roy Harper who, of course, sang Have A Cigar on the album as Roger’s vocals wouldn’t stretch comfortably to the high notes in the song.

Master Tapes

One exciting feature of the DVD is Brian Humphries, the original recording engineer of Wish You Were Here, revisiting the album in Abbey Road studios showing us how the album recording developed. Using the master tapes of the album, we get to hear him illustrating aspects of the songs construction.

You can pre-order in the UK on Blu-Ray or “region free” NTSC DVD which you should check your player is compatible with in the UK. Normal UK format is the higher quality PAL but NTSC should also play on most modern players.

NPF will have pre-ordering for the USA and other territories in due course so get our newsletter below.

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