Pink Floyd The Wall Live DVD from 1980s could be released

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Venice band from California on Roger Waters Tour

Not sure if there is any significance to this but, in an interview today in the Illinois Times, the band Venice (who are going to be singing backing vocals on Roger Waters upcoming tour of The Wall in 2010 and 2011) said that Roger Waters was in their front room watching a DVD of the original Wall tour!

Talking about the excitement of getting a break touring with Roger Waters Kipp Lennon said, “It’s like someone looked down and said, ‘You’ve put in your 30 years of playing so here’s a little break.’ It’s just amazing,” said Lennon. “Roger Waters was in my living room drinking Coronas while we watched a DVD of the first Wall tour.

Now I may be stretching my imagination a little bit too far but could there possibly be a DVD in the works?  Or at least making video available on Roger’s website at some point?

The original Wall tour of 1980 and 1981 was filmed but Roger and the band decided that the quality of the filming was not of a high enough quality to ever release. So it has sat in Roger Waters’ vault ever since. Now wouldn’t it be a treat if that video was made available in some form, be it a DVD or just in HD on his website?  I think so!

There have been various documentaries made over the years which feature video footage from the original Wall tour. Most notably the rendition of Comfortably Numb with David Gilmour standing on top of the wall playing out his solo. The quality of the recording looked rather good so this raises hope that there could, one day, be a release of it on DVD.

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