Pink Floyd Video Exhibition by Ian Emes at Unit 24, London

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Pink Floyd | Ian Emes | French Windows Video Animation

Unit 24 Gallery are to host an exhibition of Ian Emes work at an exhibition at Unit 24 in London. It runs between 1 March – 28 March 2012.

Ian was responsible for Pink Floyd’s animated video to the song Time from Dark Side of the Moon and also did a video called French Windows set to One Of These Days also by Pink Floyd. You can watch both of these videos below. Both of these videos as well as an immersive exhibition of his other work will be on display.

The presentation promises to be a kind of post-psychedelic ‘happening’, an immersive installation of projected images through which the viewer can travel! Sounds good to me!

View Pink Floyd Videos

View video for Time by Pink Floyd

View video for French Windows set to One of these Days by Pink Floyd which was quite ground-breaking at the time!

Press Release: ONE OF THESE DAYS is a retrospective of Ian Emes work over 40 years, beginning with his association with Pink Floyd through to current installation films. “I hope that my journey will provide some encouragement to aspiring artists and filmmakers in the face of today’s economic climate”- says Ian.

“Born into a working class background in the North of England, I was extremely lucky to be young during the Swinging 60’s and to be provided with a superb art education by the state. The prosperity of the time gave me the freedom to experiment, and often to fail in those experiments. In the same era Pink Floyd were able to take control of their process and thus they created a phenomenon. The Pink Floyd concert experience has never been matched.

In homage to this, I have presented my exhibition as a kind of post-psychedelic ‘happening’, an immersive installation of projected images through which the viewer can travel, a bit like being able to walk through the internet. I hope to open a window on the way it was and provide an experience in the context of now. It’s a life of making moving images, which I want to share.

From the perspective of a film director who has also made hundreds of commercials, I see today’s generation being constantly bombarded by the mind-numbing messages of global corporations and it worries me. I’m a rock and roll animator who sold out and somehow ended up in the boardrooms. In response to this strange twist of fate, my new work deals with the issues of media indoctrination and information overload, fuelled by the belief that youth must fight to invent their own culture.

I want to spread the word that success lies in the work and not the diamond-studded wet dream of fame. I would like my exhibition to demonstrate my passion for the creative process, regardless of the consequences. My new installation BE WHO YOU ARE – WHATEVER poses the question – are you being who you are told to be, or are you…being you? ” -Ian Emes

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