Pink Floyd Vs British National Party in Compilation CDs

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BNP CrestA group of leading musicians, including band members from Blur and Pink Floyd, have demanded the right to prevent their music being used or sold for profit by the British National Party.The BNP are trying to raise money for the European Parliament elections which are due to be held next week.

The far-right party raises money by selling a selection of nostalgic folk albums on its website – but many of the musicians featured have discovered that they are powerless to stop their work financing the party. They have been available since around July 2008. View the Online Catalogue/Shop.

In a letter to The Times, members of the Featured Artists’ Coalition and Musicians’ Union have called for legally enshrined moral rights over the reproduction and sale of their material.

“We would, on behalf of our joint membership of over 31,000 members, like to have our opposition to the BNP’s politics and morals formally noted,” read the letter signed by artists including Dave Rowntree, from Blur, Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd, and singer-songwriter Billy Bragg.

The BNPs Thoughts

A BNP spokesman said the party had no plans to remove any of the music.

He told The Times: “They’ve already made their money haven’t they? Once that music’s gone through a distributor. They’re politicising themselves to a high degree by doing this and we wouldn’t really be concerned by that. It’s up to us what we sell – we’re not changing.

“There’s no suggestion through this that artists support the BNP or otherwise. They’re barking up the wrong tree to be honest.”

Your Thoughts?

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