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Pink Floyd’s New Album Breaking Records!

Pink Floyd Endless River Album Cover
Pink Floyd Endless River Album Cover

Pink Floyd’s new album The Endless River is set to break the record at for the most pre-ordered album of all time!

The current record is held by One Direction’s Midnight Memories album however, Pink Floyd’s new album is the most pre-ordered of 2014! I think it would be a great thing if Pink Floyd took that top stop away from One Direction. If you agree, leave a comment below!

Treat Yourself, Help get Pink Floyd to the Top!

The album will have a multi-format release. There will be a standard CD, Vinyl with digital downloads and DVD/BluRay casebooks (pictured below) which includes lots of additional things to make 10th November 2014 even more enjoyable for us Floyd fans!

Pink Floyd Endless River - Boxset DVD Version
Pink Floyd Endless River – Boxset DVD Version

[DVD casebook set] – or

[Blu-Ray casebook set] – or

In case you missed it, you can read all about the new Pink Floyd album and how it came about, what formats it will be released on etc.

Not long to wait now for the new album to be released. If you cannot contain your excitement, come and share your thoughts on our Pink Floyd Forum.

9 thoughts on “Pink Floyd’s New Album Breaking Records!”

  1. I’ve also read that this will be the first year in which no album has gone platinum – hopefully The Floyd will rectify that was well!

  2. which means to go on with albums and tours,including roger waters.just do it pink floyd!long live pink floyd!

  3. What can i say the buzz online the last few weeks has been huge, and now the reports show that this may be the biggest pre-order of all time
    on both Amazon UK + USA combined, the only thing they won’t tell you are the figures, the power of Pink Floyd, either way this will be massive.

    80’s , 90’s , 00’s , 2010’s , ??????
    Nothing more……

  5. There are some classic bands from the 70’s onwards that are legendary,
    i guess the best are from the UK, it’s a tough one to chose as it comes down to personal taste, i have 5 faves, in either order, Pink Floyd, Led
    Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Eagles & The Doors, would have to be my faves,
    should i also put in Black Sabbath & Deep Purple?

  6. They already have the album that’s been on the charts for the longest period(Dark Side). Always nice to see more well deserved records for one of if not the greatest bands in history. Huge amounts of musical talent.

  7. This is, without doubt, the perfect album for Floyd fans at this time. It would be good to hear other unreleased material being given some modern day technological boosts. Animals comes to mind. Regarding the lenticular postcard, has anyone noticed that when you move it from side to side, you can see images of the band? Or am I imagining things?

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