Ultimate Floyd/Other Playlist Competition – Voting Time!

Ultimate Floyd/Other Playlist Competition – Voting Time!

As previously mentioned, Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio) are running a competition for music forums dedicated to a band to come up with the ultimate music playlist! It has to have 6 songs from the band the forum is dedicated to (Pink Floyd) and 6 others! The Prize is that the forum will be featured on Absolute Radio for a day and a Pink Floyd song would be played every hour!!

NPF Visitors have now suggested a list of 24 Pink Floyd and 24 Other artists songs. It is time for you to vote for your 6 favourites from each list! The 6 most voted for will then be selected for the NPF Playlist and submitted to Absolute Radio!

Cast Your Votes Now

It is time to vote for your favourite 6 songs from the Pink Floyd List and the Other Artists List. Voting is open until 12pm GMT this Sunday 23rd November.

VotePink Floyd and Other

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