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David Gilmour - Remember That Night DVD on BBC ONE
You can purchase the 2 DVD set from or cheaply. Have fun!


Remember That Night is a double DVD containing over five hours of viewing, including an on-the-road documentary and guest appearances by David Bowie and Robert Wyatt.

The 2 disc DVD set, Remember That Night, has on disc 1 the five star reviewed concert comprising songs from the number 1 album ‘On An Island’ and Pink Floyd classics such as High Hopes, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb and the first filmed performance (since Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii) of Echoes, the 20 minute tour de force.

Remember That Night disc 2 is packed with rarities and previously unreleased material. ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ is a 46-minute road movie filmed during the 2006 tour, allowing fans a unique ‘seat on the tour bus’. It shows a rare glimpse of David Gilmour, the man and musician, plus his band and crew enjoying and enduring the highs and the lows of life on tour: from flash floods, a collapsing stage, a Russian wine-glass player, and problems with German trains!

Remember That Night Premiere Photos

Feel free to browse through the NPF Photo Gallery at some photos from before and during the Premiere! If you have any photos you would like to share, then please get in touch.

You can purchase the 2 DVD set from or cheaply. Have fun!

Release Dates

Europe (including Israel): 17th September (Sweden, Finland; 19th).
North America: 18th September.
Australia: 22nd September.
New Zealand, South Africa: 24th September.
Brazil: 3rd October.
Mexico: 8th October.
Japan: 7th November.

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