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Roger Waters in Liverpool – A Review with Pictures and Videos

Roger Waters Tour Pig
Roger Waters Tour Pig

Roger Waters is on his Us and Them Tour which he has taken all over the world and called in at the Echo Arena in Liverpool last night and gave an amazing show to his fans. There are some spoilers in this article!

Roger Waters Tour Prism from Dark Side of the Moon in Audience
Roger Waters Tour Prism from Dark Side of the Moon in Audience

He played songs from Dark Side of the Moon where his two female backing singers did a hauntingly good version of Great Gig in the Sky featuring some new harmonies which gave it a fresh re-make.

The Wall also featured playing classics like Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 and used some excellent projections onto the large screen behind the stage giving an interesting multimedia experience that the Pink Floyd and Roger are well known for.

The most spectacular moment came during the Animals segment where an amazing apparatus came down from the area ceiling which had been obscured for most of the show where a very large Battersea Power Station – from the Animals album cover – appeared out of nowhere.

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There were mechanically grown cooling stacks that appeared from the apparatus with smoke coming out the top and remote operated enormous screens that unfurled from the apparatus to become projection screens for the multimedia experience that ensued.

A highlight of the multimedia experience was Roger expressing his negative views about Donald Trump which excited the audience with a strange array of Donald graphics including attaching his head to a pig and dressing him up as a woman with lipstick on!

Roger Waters Tour Liverpool Touring Band
Roger Waters Tour Liverpool Touring Band

The band sounded great and on top form and featured some long standing musicians like Dave Kilminster on guitar and Jon Carin on keyboards. There was also Gus Seyffert on guitar also joined by Jonathan Wilson who did a great version of the classic Pink Floyd and Roger Waters sounds. Bo Koster also gave keyboard support and the bands token Scotsman Ian Ritchie gave saxophone support as he has for many years and gave Roger the opportunity to do his Scottish accent impression which he certainly seemed to enjoy!

Joey Waronker provided percussion and drum support and gave a fresh take on many songs seemingly enjoying some of the thundering and rolling drum fills on the likes of Dogs from the Animals album.

Roger Waters Tour Pig Head
Roger Waters Tour Pig Head

And last but not least, two young ladies gave a great performance on backing vocals, percussion and leading the local Liverpool children who joined Roger and the band on stage too – they were Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig who gave a fresh take on many vocals and had a very distinctive projection of themselves on the big screen behind the stage with negative images in monochrome, sparkly dresses blending in with the space scenes on the stage screen behind, often looking a bit scary too! But not as scary as when Roger had his pig hat on!!

Roger Waters Backing Singers Projection
Roger Waters Backing Singers Projection

The show will thunder on and play in Manchester tonight and ends up in Mexico in December 2018. Get tickets if you can it is an amazing multimedia experience!

Liverpool Echo Arena Queues to Get In
Liverpool Echo Arena Queues to Get In

P.S I think the way the Echo Arena get people inside so the show starts on time needs looking at! There was such a big queue outside half an hour before the show was due to start – the show had to be delayed half an hour so did not start at 8pm prompt! A small complaint!

12 thoughts on “Roger Waters in Liverpool – A Review with Pictures and Videos”

  1. I had no idea, the first time I’ve missrd him playing here. I saw the wall in Birmingham but I’ve never heard him do ANY animals stuff. How heartbroken I am

  2. Roger…your pissing and moaning about President Trump is getting old…Considering it doesn’t effect the size of the check you take to the bank after every show.6 years from now the joke will be on you..

  3. I was there and enjoyed the show thoroughly. until the intermission when we were subjected to what looked like a brainwashing session. Then it was on with the show. The one song he should have played to emphasise what he was saying was “Perfect sense”, but it was more Roger Floyd than Roger Waters. Still a great gig just the same. I was just wondering as well……….Roger, are we still your number one crowd?.

  4. Roger, please keep your Liberal progressive communist comments to yourself. Stop trying to indoctrinate the youth. They don’t need your trash talk. Let them educate themselves!

  5. Spot on review. I was at this gig and it was amazing. The airport security to get into the gig was a joke as is the comments from Kevin and Robert. It is a gig that I will never forget – boss night.

  6. I have been to the concert and was pretty shocked by the amount of hate that was there, roger pls go home your’e old and angry…

  7. Well done Roger, very good humanitarian speech about how the Palestinians are treated by their neighbours, most folk do not want to know the truth, you are right. A child has scissors so lets shoot him, that was a high point of the show.

  8. I’ve seen the show six times in the states. Roger waters has never ceased to amaze Sound. Visual. Props etc.

    I love the fact that he uses his platform to share his opinion on various issues Hey you form your own opinion and if Rogers is too much for you to handle listen to something else like Taylor swift

    Steve Weiler


  9. Roger Waters, the T S Eliot of rock music arena, still steals the limelight at his advanced age and thrills the music lovers.

  10. J’ai vu le concert à Lyon, j’ai été surpris par ce spectacle grandiose!! Au moins il n’a pas peur de dire les fonds de sa pensé, il a raison!!
    je suis fan des Pink Floyd depuis très content que beaucoup de jeunes suivent cette musique, je suis fan de la Vraie Musique…J’ai plutôt un penchant pour David Gilmour, que je suis aller voir 3 fois (Pologne-Orange et Ars et Senan)
    Pour Moi ce sont de Vrais Musiciens…

    I saw the concert in Lyon, I was surprised by this great show !! At least he is not afraid to say the funds of his thought, he is right !!
    I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd since 1974..and very happy that a lot of young people follow this music, I’m a fan of True Music … I have a penchant for David Gilmour, that I went to see 3 times (Poland -Orange and Ars and Senan)
    For me they are real musicians …

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