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Roger Waters and Laurie Durning
Roger Waters and Wife Laurie Durning as of 14th Jan 2012

Roger Waters confirmed this morning on the Howard Stern Radio show that he got married to his girlfriend of ten years Laurie Durning. He was married in a low key ceremony on Saturday 14th January 2012. A big congratulations to them both from NPF!

In the interview Roger Waters discussed a range of sensitive topics rather candidly with notorious radio host Howard Stern. He is very forthright to say the least. You can listen to the interview below.

Roger discussed a range of issues ranging from the story of his father and the events leading up to his death and the time afterwards. He also discussed The Wall being in the 5th draft for a Broadway production. On that, Roger said “[it] remains to be seen whether it will actually happen or not”. But it seems rather probably at some time.

Roger also went on to discuss his time at college and the fact he did not graduate due to him being a bit “lippy” and questioning teaching methods in his final year! Also discussed was the writing methods used and some interesting thoughts from Roger on the credits given to Gilmour for his participation! Well worth a listen.

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