Roger Waters 2017 Tour Donald Trump

Roger Waters New Album Name Revealed

Roger Waters Is This The Life We Really Want New Album
Roger Waters Is This The Life We Really Want New Album

Following the exciting news of Roger Waters 2017 tour announcement last year, the name of his new album has been revealed which I am sure will be to the delight of many fans!

In true Roger Water’s style the album sounds political and very much questioning of the modern world as we know it! Who would have expected anything less from a new Roger Waters album?

The title: Is This The Life we Really Want? Very poignant I’m sure you’ll agree! It is scheduled to be released in May 2017 to coincide with the commencement of Roger’s tour.

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Roger Waters 2017 Tour Donald Trump Mocking
Roger Waters 2017 Tour Donald Trump Mocking

I am looking forward to the Roger Waters 2017 tour as it looks set to give President of the United States Donald Trump some stick.

Roger has himself a new bogeyman to contend with! You just have to look at some of his latest live show video projections to see Roger mean’s business against Trump!

You can have a listen to a little sample from the new Roger Waters album 2017 called Is This The Life we Really Want below. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Roger Waters New Album Name Revealed”

  1. I know Roger has always expressed his political view, I understand, but it`s getting too much for me anymore. Just play your music, you`re really getting irritating now.

  2. Roger is an amazing musician but his personality and his support for a revival political institute – the BDS, ruined a lot from his artist capabilities, supporting Muslims who are trying to encourage war and terror and his misunderstanding of historical facts about the Middle East , turn him to an old mad person,,,although still one of the best musicians(although David is the best:))

  3. Roger needs to leave his nose out of our politics. His angst belongs in Europe or in the cash for caves program in the Middle East. During the Amused to Death tour he had his PIg supporting Obama, and we voted for his pig. Roger has become one of the biggest hypocrites in all of show business. His sad little story of spitting on a fan made him such a crusader about audience’s being disconnected on arena shows. Apparently they’re OK now that he spends a lot of time livng on Southampton Long Island. I did have the pleasure of seeing Roger and GE Smith giving an acoustic set to a small audience. It was a wonderful show until Roger felt he needed to go on a political tirade. I loved the Final Cut (Rogers first solo Pink Floyd Album) and I think Momentary Lapse of Reason( Daves First solo Pink Floyd album) Holds up better musically unless you consider the Final Cut as a Broadway soundtrack. Radio Kaos and Amused To Death are great records in the Floyd Arsenal. The Division Bell and The Endless River are great Floyd albums. I will admit that Louder Than Words lyrics could have been better with Roger’ s input. Polly did a hell of a job encapsulating the bands many incarnations and “the thing that we do”. I expeted to hate the Endless River yet I loved how this tribute to Rick brought back the memories of the instrumental Floyd. Now with the Early Years released Rick’s contributions to the band can not be disputed. Seems to me he carried Roger on his shoulders at times.
    Is This The Life You Really Want it is not up to the standards we expect of Mr. Waters and is as essential to the Floyd catalog as was Roger’s Opera. I Still play my copy of Music From The Body by Roger and Ron Gessin and 1 cut by The Floyd. Not Anti Roger but there is enough credit for everyone involved. First Floyd cut I heard was Free Four courtesy of the great WLIR. I was hooked instantly and still amazed with the similarities to Time.

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