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Roger Waters New Official Website Live

Roger New Official Website

Roger Waters new website to coincide with the official announcement of The Wall Live Tour is now available in all good browsers!  Launched today at 7pm GMT (2pm EST), it features an interesting video on the home page, a change to register for premium tickets for his shows, Rogers’ answer to the question “Why am I doing The Wall again Now?” and a request from Roger for you to share a photograph of a loved one lost in conflict.  Oh…. and of course, his tour dates!

There is not currently much in the way of details as to who the musicians on the tour will be but I am sure information will come along in chunks over the coming months leading up to September 15th when the tour kicks off for its North American leg.  Hopefully South American and European dates will also be announced.  Get the NPF Newsletter so I can alert you when they do.

The Stage Production

Looking at the video on the home page of the animated wall exploding, it looks like he is going to use video screens as I suspected and not build a physical wall. Given how new technology has come along in recent years, I think it would be an amazing experience to be immersed in that digital world than it would to watch the 1980s staging of The Wall. Although I did not get to see the 1980s staging and haven’t seen the new tour so just speculating as to the brilliance! I imagine it will be a good show.  What do you think?

Visit Rogers New Site – Pre-Register to get Premium Tickets

I just registered on his website to be in with a chance to buy premium tickets when they become available.  They are not available today so do not panic if you cannot register quick enough.  You have plenty of time!

Tickets are available here to buy


Note there is “sideways scrolling” on his website so goes from left to right, not up and down the page

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