Listen to Roger Waters’ New Song from Forthcoming Album

Roger Waters New Song and Album 2022
Roger Waters New Song and Album 2022

Roger Waters has given a preview of his new song ‘The Bar’ in a benefit event for Julian Assange.

Julian Assange was working for the NSA spy agency in Hawaii and copied a lot of confidential information and shared it publicly. He went into excile for a long time on the run from the Americans, and Roger is supporting him. This is not a political blog so we won’t be getting into the detail of all that, but we will be sharing the video below for you to have a listen instead.

The new song is musically very similar to the final cut, particularly Southampton Dock. Do let us know your thoughts about the new Roger Waters song, and are you excited about a new Roger Waters album perhaps next year?

The song begins around 1:01:30 in the first video beow. Roger claims he has never played piano and sang at the same time in public before but I am sure that cannot be true? I seem to recall a song he did in lockdown at home? Roger wrote the song on 3rd January 2021.

I couldn’t make out some of the lyrics but here is my best guess about some of them later on:

Does everybody in the bar feel shame?
Lord knows I do. I guess we all feel pretty much the same.
Kind of worn out by this crazy fu**ing zoo.
The smell of napalm, with their cornflakes.
The chance of killing everything that breathes.
Imposing sanctions,on the lady down the street. Until she takes the hint, and packs her bags, and leaves

Here is another excerpt from the new Roger Waters song The Bar…

This was recorded on Live on the Fly with Randy Credico

Roger Waters New Album

Hopefully Roger will release this new song of his with the rest of his new album? Roger is also working on his memoirs which should be an interesting read. Roger’s farewell tour starts next year, he is not getting any younger and it takes a monumental effort to do. Good to see Roger keeping busy.

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