Roger Waters The Wall Tour Band Announced

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Roger Waters Live

Roger Waters touring band for The Wall Live 2010/2011 has now been announced as per a Facebook entry Roger made.

As previously reported, Dave Kilminster and Snowy White are on guitars and Venice cousins Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon and Kipp Lennon are doing the male backing vocals joined by Jon Joyce.

Roger’s son Harry Waters is also joining the band on Keyboards along with Jon Carin.

Graham Broad is on drums and G.E Smith, who has toured with Bob Dylan, is also on guitars. There is also of course a second lead singer taking the parts David Gilmour used to sing called Robbie Wyckoff.

On his Facebook page, Roger Waters said he “can’t wait to get into rehearsals. Sadly, no female BVs in THE WALL, Katie, Pat, Carol, Sylvia we shall miss you!”.

The Wall Live Tour Musicians

Drums: Graham Broad

Guitars: Dave Kilminster, G.E. Smith, Snowy White

Bass: Roger Waters

Keyboards: Jon Carin, Harry Waters

Lead Vocals: Robbie Wyckoff, Roger Waters

Backing Vocals: Jon Joyce, Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon

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What Film/TV Show were the voices from….

Roger Waters The Wall Live 2010 2011

Roger Waters posed a question on his Facebook to try and find out what film/TV program he recorded and used on The Wall when channel hopping.  It is the audio bit that includes, “let me know when you are entering a room…”.  He was in the studio messing about and could not remember.

Well, Chris Owens managed to find the correct film and Roger posted the image to the right for him!  Well done that fan!

Roger posted on his Facebook, “Back in ‘79 when we were finishing The Wall in LA, I was in the habit of recording background audio, for narrative effect, at random. I would just turn on the TV, run the multitrack press record and hey presto, art. It was the random thing that appealed to me.

The downside of that technique is that I have no idea whether Dobbs, the Butler, and Mr and Mrs Bancroft, reside in a movie or soap opera, or in fact anything about them at all. The time frame for the recording is September/October 1979. Maybe we should ask old people who might have been watching a lot of TV at that time? “

Chris Owens posted, “September 24-26 1979. Another World episodes 3864-3866. Kirk Laverty brings Iris Bancroft and her maid, Vivan Gorrow, to his lodge in the Adirondacks. Dobbs was the caretaker of the lodge. Laverty is the man talking to Dobbs, not Mr. Bancroft. Laverty was played by Charles Gioffi. “

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Tour Dates and Tickets

2010-09-15 – Roger Waters – Air Canada Centre – Toronto (Ontario) – Canada (Tickets)
2010-09-16 – Roger Waters – Air Canada Centre – Toronto (Ontario) – Canada (Tickets)
2010-09-20 – Roger Waters – United Center (Chicago) – Chicago, Illinois – USA (Tickets)
2010-09-21 – Roger Waters – United Center (Chicago) – Chicago, Illinois – USA (Tickets)
2010-09-26 – Roger Waters – Consol Energy Center (Pittsburg) – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – USA (Tickets)
2010-09-28 – Roger Waters – Quicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, Ohio – USA (Tickets)
2010-09-30 – Roger Waters – Boston TD Garden – Boston, Massachussets – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-05 – Roger Waters – Madison Square Garden (Manhattan) – New York, New York – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-08 – Roger Waters – HSBC Arena (Buffalo) – Buffalo (New York) – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-10 – Roger Waters – Verizon Center (Washington) – Washington, District of Columbia – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-12 – Roger Waters – Nassau Coliseum – Long Island, New York – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-15 – Roger Waters – XL Center (Hartford) – Hartford (Connecticut) – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-17 – Roger Waters – Scotiabank Place (Ottawa) – Ontario – Canada (Tickets)
2010-10-19 – Roger Waters – Bell Centre (Montreal) – Montreal (Quebec) – Canada (Tickets)
2010-10-22 – Roger Waters – Schottenstein Center (Columbus) – Columbus, Ohio – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-24 – Roger Waters – Palace Of Auburn Hills – Detroit, Michigan – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-26 – Roger Waters – Qwest Center Arena (Omaha) – Omaha (Nebraska) – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-27 – Roger Waters – Xcel Energy Center (St Paul) – St Paul (Minnesota) – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-29 – Roger Waters – Scottrade Center (St Louis) – St Louis, Missouri – USA (Tickets)
2010-10-30 – Roger Waters – Sprint Center (Kansas City) – Kansas City, Missouri – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-03 – Roger Waters – Izod Center (East Rutherford) – Rutherford (New Jersey) – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-08 – Roger Waters – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-09 – Roger Waters – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-13 – Roger Waters – Bank Atlantic Center (Fort Lauderdale) – Aachen – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-16 – Roger Waters – St Pete Times Forum (Tampa) – Tampa (Florida) – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-18 – Roger Waters – Philips Arena (Atlanta) – Atlanta, Georgia – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-20 – Roger Waters – Toyota Center (Houston) – Houston, Texas – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-21 – Roger Waters – American Airlines Center (Dallas) – Dallas, Texas – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-23 – Roger Waters – Pepsi Center (Denver) – Denver, Colorado – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-26 – Roger Waters – Grand Garden Arena (MGM Grand Casino) – Las Vegas (Nevada) – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-27 – Roger Waters – US Airways Center (Phoenix) – Phoenix, Arizona – USA (Tickets)
2010-11-29 – Roger Waters – The Forum (LA) – Los Angeles, California – USA (Tickets)
2010-12-06 – Roger Waters – HP Pavilion (San Jose) – San Jose (California) – USA (Tickets)
2010-12-10 – Roger Waters – GM Place, Vancouver – Vancouver, British Columbia – USA (Tickets)
2010-12-11 – Roger Waters – Tacoma Dome (Tacoma) – Tacoma, Washington – USA (Tickets)
2010-12-13 – Roger Waters – Honda Center (Anaheim) – Anaheim, Calafornia – USA (Tickets)

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